Mother, Activist.

Kenny truly listens, and he listens without judgement. He creates a safe space  to open up and share with him. I love how important context is to him.

He sees people for who they are inside, rather than putting them in a box and defining them based on superficial things that have more to do with their life circumstances. He provides insight that is more constructive and useful than people are used to receiving.



Healer, Coach, Mother.

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the healing role that Kenny Benjamin has played in my life. He is so much more than a Life Coach, he is a profound mentor who has guided my journey through many chapters with sincerity, dedication and a relentless commitment to facilitating, guiding and offering healing. I am forever thankful and have overcome deep internal obstacles through my work with him.


Director of Product/Content Strategy, CBS Interactive, Father.

Kenny is someone that can dive into any professional situation and quickly and accurately assess the salient dynamics and conflicts. He then provides people at all levels with clear, insightful guidance. He gets to the root of almost any problem quickly, sometimes before the people in an organization even know there is a problem. His unique business, coaching and mediation background make him a great choice for any group needing strong guidance in the area of human resources, roles and responsibility and employee productivity and satisfaction


Managing Partner, Figure 18

Kenny was a very unique and much needed resource for me personally. He acted as a soundboard and a confidant for many delicate and confidential business matters. He has the incredible knack to get to the heart of the matter with poise, intellect and a very high level of professionalism. He played a major role in the growth of Imagistic from a handful of people to an full blown agency of 30+ people. I recommend him for anyone looking for a person to confide in and help solve a multitude of business issues.

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