225squRelationship Architect Kenny Benjamin has spent over 2 decades helping children, adults, couples, and organizations create meaningful relationships and make deep and powerful human connections. He is the creator of The Good Struggle Podcast™, The Being Human Workshops™, and The Naked Eye Playwriting Residency and Staged Reading Series™, and the author of, The Social Construction of Masculinity and Effects on Men In Intimate Relationships with Women.

The meaning in our lives comes from the quality of our relationships - 1st with ourselves and then with the people we love -- Kenny Benjamin.



In addition to being a successful relationship architect, coach, entrepreneur, and father, Kenny has been a strong advocate for challenging the status-quo and looking at people and not pathology.  He hopes to one day find the perfect multi-layered chocolate cake.  Kenny’s work is based upon his 3-core values: Compassion, Curiosity, and Connection.

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